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  • Today producers and manufacturers are put under a microscope because consumers believe there is too much uncertainty built into supply chains;
    they want truth, authenticity, and reassurance that what they’re buying is truly genuine
  • After an intense investigation into several companies, Certified’s system is the only one in compliance exceeding government standards.
  • Today, we are considered true partners in accurately validating source of origin and other marketing claims to protect the integrity of the clients we serve.
  • While manufacturers and producers provide millions of products to people across the globe, we validate and reinforce truthfulness of product origin (Made in USA), ingredients, formulations and marketing claims they use. We reassure consumers, globally that what they purchase is genuine and exceeds industry and regulatory standards for quality and value.

  • At our core, we give truth and authentic voice by empowering brands and manufacturers to take full control over supply chains across the globe. Our technology protects our clients and their customers using truth and transparency to generate trust and certainty.
  • We are the only non-government organization (NGO) compliant with World Trade Organization labeling standards. Our Certified™ seals demonstrate to consumers that manufacturers and producers rigorously certify their supply chain to exceed national and industry standards for sourcing and quality assurance.

“86% of consumers say knowing the source equals better taste, nutrition, and higher quality.”

(Source Field Agent, 2015)

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